Industrial Radiators

Overall reliability due to highest standards of raw material & manufacturing

Awami Jali

AWAMI JALI has the right skills and expertise to design table type remote radiators of any capacity required for your power generator and plants.

Radiators are proven to be the best cooling system in our typical environment which saves you from costly and hard on cash maintenances. Our Copper & Brass based Radiators are far better in heat dissipation than any other metal used and our system is much easy and simpler to install compared to other conventional cooling systems which involve heavy plumbing, pumping and engineering and which ends in a constant loss of valuable water resource.

Awami Radiator

Conserve Water

Save on Chemicals, Kilowatts, and Maintenance

Use Air Cooled Radiators

What we do?

  1. Awami Jali is the first choice replacement radiator core for heavy industrial brands.
  2.  Generators, Earth Moving Vehicles, Heavy Machinery, Presses, Compressors, we do it all.
  3. We produce radiator assemblies for top power generation brands as per engine and brand specifications.
  4. Our technical team is available for installations of our radiator core and assemblies all across the country.  Further info of services: hyperlink to nationwide engineering services segment.

Let's work on your exciting new project together!